About Square and Round Dancing


Square Dancing

 Square dancing is a folk dance that originated with the settlers of what is now the United Stated of America and is now enjoyed around the globe.  Common features are: 

  • Sets are normally 8 people in 4 couples arranged in a square.
  • Dances are normally lead by a dance leader (known as the Caller) who calls out the desired dance figures.
  • The style of music used at square dances has traditionally been country and western or bluegrass but now can be any style of music that has a steady beat.



Round Dancing

Round Dancing is a type of ballroom dancing that developed along side Square Dancing, Round dances are pre-choreographed and the dance steps are prompted by a cuer.  It uses Two Step, Waltz, Cha Cha, and other ballroom rhythms. 


You have FUN!

 Whether you want a one time social event for your organization or family or a dance at an organized square dance club, Dan and Kathy can provide an event all will enjoy.