One Time Social Events

No Dance Experience Necessary

People attending a square dance by Dan need only be able to listen to simple directions and walk.  If necessary, people in wheelchairs can be assisted through dances paced for their needs.

Typical dance

Dan focuses on square dances, teaching a few moves, dancing a bit with those, and adding more through the event.  Interspersed with the squares will be simple line dances, a Virginia Reel (or other contra dances), and possibly simple couples dances.

Family events

From reunions to birthdays to weddings and just about anything in between Dan has given families enjoyable events for dancers of all ages.

Church Socials

Dan has entertained churches and temples of many religions and denominations and has provided them  with family friendly dancing.

Scouting functions

Whether it's Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorer Scouts, or some combiniation of them and/or their parents, Dan has provided councils and troops many events that were fun for all attendees.

Fund Raisers

Many organizations have used a square dance as a means to raise money for their own needs or to help out another cause.