Rutgers Promenaders Class

Calls taught at Rutgers Promenaders Starting October 2017

 How to use Taminations to see definitions and animations 

  1. 10/1/17 Betsy Gotta
    Dancer naming (Ends, Centers, Heads, Sides, etc)
    Circle Left/Right <Definition Animation>
    Forward and Back <Definition Animation>
    Promenades <Definition Animation>
    Wheel Around <Definition Animation>
    Dosado <Definition Animation>
    Star Left/Right <Definition Animation>
    Swing <Definition Animation>
    Allemande Left <Definition Animation>
    Arm Turns <Definition Animation>
    Right & Left Grand/Weave <Definition Animation>
    Ladies Chain <Definition Animation>
  2. 10/15/17 Dan Koft
    Lead Right/Left <Definition Animation>
    Veer Left/Right <Definition Animation>
    Bend the Line <Definition Animation>
    Pass Thru <Definition Animation>
    Trades <Definition Animation>
  3. 11/5/17 Paul Ingis
    Ladies in Men Sashay <Definition Animation>
    Slide Thru <Definition Animation>
    Double Pass Thru <Definition Animation>
    U-Turn Back <Definition Animation>
  4. 11/19/17 Dan Koft
    Cloverleaf <Definition Animation>
    Grand Square <Definition Animation>
    Chain Down the Line <Definition Animation>
  5. 12/3/17 Betsy & Dan
    Alamo Style <Definition Animation>
  6. 12/17/17 Betsy Gotta
    Circulates <Definition Animation>
    Swing Thru <Definition Animation>
    Boys Run <Definition Animation>
  7. 1/21/18 Dan Koft
    Run <Definition Animation>
    Square Thru 1-4 <Definition Animation>
    Zoom <Definition Animation>
    Trade By <Definition Animation>
  8. 2/4/18 Dan Koft
    Wheel & Deal <Definition Animation>
    Touch 1/4 <Definition Animation>
    Column Circulate <Definition Animation>
    Box/Split Circulate <Definition Animation>
    Hinge <Definition Animation>
  9. 2/18/17 Betsy Gotta
    Centers In <Definition Animation>
    Cast Off 3/4 <Definition Animation>
    Pass the Ocean <Definition Animation>
    Extend <Definition Animation>
    Ferris Wheel <Definition Animation>
  10. 3/4/18 Betsy Gotta
    Spin the Top <Definition Animation>
    Fold <Definition Animation>
  11. 4/15/18 Betsy Gotta
    Cross Fold <Definition Animation>
    Recycle <Definition Animation>